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This image shows someone removing plaster as part of the repair process


We NEVER would have had this level of success w/o your patience and expertise. Thank you again! 

The photo of a customer

Libby Schinnow

The photo of a customer

Tim Portis 


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We NEVER would have had this level of success without your  expertise. Thank you again! 



   "I learned every step of the                  plaster repair process             thanks to [the] thorough instruction, I have a solid foundation for tackling future    plaster repair projects on my own."

Build your own profitable plaster restoration business with  A.S.P.R. !  

Why learn plaster repair?
 Isn't it a 'dying art'?
plaster repair?

Everyday, across the country, poorly skilled tradesmen

attempt to repair plaster to the best of their knowledge.


Unfortunately their level of skill is often minimal, leaving the vintage home-owner in a bind when it comes to finding a skilled professional to restore their plaster walls, ceilings or moldings. 

This is where A.S.P.R. comes in. 

The  American School of Plaster Restoration is the only online plaster repair education community of its kind.  As the knowledge of plaster repair continues to disappear, this resource is intended to make the skills needed to repair plaster available to dedicated professionals who want to offer this needed service to their customers. 

A.S.P.R.'s  mission is to train pros in the unique skills of plaster repair and help them become successful professionals and owners of their own profitable plaster restoration business. 



                           Hi!  My name is Philip Lamachio (yes, that's Italian!)


                                         I started my painting and plaster repair career in 1985 in Chicago Ill.,

                                       first as a crew member for 2 years and then a crew leader for 5.


                                          While we primarily did high-end painting, all of the projects we worked on needed plaster repair. I focused on learning those skills and made sure each crew leader I worked under would show me their best techniques. I knew that someday I would start my own company and I felt that plaster repair, being a more specialized and unique skill,

would be more valuable and than painting.


I was right. 

Today, I own one of less than a half dozen companies in North Carolina that specialize in plaster repair and the only one in my home town. Each year, there is less competition in this specialized niche. But houses with plaster still need repair!


Our customers continually express the fact that they looked everywhere but only found us…and they conclude that the lack of companies doing this work is because 'it's a dying art' .


Truth is, plaster repair was never really a focused discipline. Old plasterers did the best they 

knew how to try to fix damaged plaster, often with mixed results. 


I have made it my mission to develop and utilize the most effective and efficient techniques

to solve any plaster problem, with the goal of total customer satisfaction in not only our finished product, but the customer experience. 


This is what I want the future of plaster repair to be. 


Historic homes deserve it.


Our customers deserve it.


And we as professionals deserve to command the respect

reserved for skilled artisans and experts in our field.  



Yes, I can smile!
This is a photo of someone mixing plaster
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